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08:53am 02/06/2005
mood: happy
Last weekend, and so far this week, has been one of the best times I've had in recent memory. I'm happier now than I've been in a long time. It feels good, really good.
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10:28am 31/05/2005

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11:19pm 25/05/2005
  Work on projects goes very well :)

I'm looking forward to gaming Thursday & Friday. The weekend should be a lot of fun too.
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09:44am 06/05/2005
mood: unbearably sorry
I hurt a friend a great deal yesterday. I feel very bad about it.
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08:13am 04/05/2005
  Well, I've got a bit of a cough right now, but the sore throat that I had yesterday seems to have gone away...

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Mini Vacation :)   
07:59am 29/04/2005
  I took yesterday off for my birthday (it was Wednesday) and had a really good time! Gamed on wednesday night until almost 5 am, then slept for a few hours and went to the Museum. Very enjoyable!  
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01:07pm 22/04/2005
  Well, my schedule for this week has been the following:

DayTime InTime OutTotal Hours
Monday7:45 am5:30 pm8:45
Tuesday5:45 am7:00 pm13:15
Wednesday6:00 am7:30 pm13:30
Thursday6:15 am8:00 pm13:45
Friday6:00 am5:00pm11:00

Let's hope I can get out of here at 5 today!!! I've had enough of long days.

On the plus side I'm going to the Star Wars Celebration this weekend - it should be a lot of fun! (and a much needed vacation!)

I was hoping one of my friends could make it to the celebration, but unfortunately she isn't able to make it. :(
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Long Days, Good Stats   
07:51am 20/04/2005
  Well, I was in at 6:15 again this morning... Almost on my second can of soda... It's 7:52 am now.

Got my results from my physical last night... Cholesterol stats were _very_ good - my HDL (the good one) was 115 - anything above 30 is considered "acceptable". 115 is great :) My LDL was below my HDL :)
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12 hours   
05:55pm 19/04/2005
  Well, I officially passed the 12 hour mark... Still at work.

Made quite a bit of progress so far. Not as much as I wanted though, so I'm staying longer.

I would very much appreciate a phone call or some such from friends.
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Is it a bad thing?   
08:02am 19/04/2005
  Is it a bad thing when I'm on my second can of soda at 8 am?  
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I want one :)   
02:00pm 15/04/2005
  I want one :)

Or perhaps one of these will be the body design for a gocart for me :)

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08:37am 15/04/2005

Your Inner European is Dutch!

Open minded and tolerant.

You're up for just about anything.

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08:38am 14/04/2005
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Um... Woah.   
09:26am 13/04/2005

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Sleepless Nights...   
08:41am 07/04/2005
  Got together with my friends again last night...

One of them didn't want to game, so it ended up being just the two of us. We headed back to my place and watched Ice Age and Monsters Inc... Then proceded to talk and things until 3 am. Oops - don't know where the time went!

I'm tired today! It was fun watching movies together though.
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Awright :)   
02:33pm 06/04/2005
  Pulitzer winning Editorial Cartoons

(warning, they have a liberal slant)
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12:10pm 05/04/2005
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09:06am 04/04/2005
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05:01pm 01/04/2005
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08:29am 01/04/2005
  Can anyone tell me why El Presidente was on the radio talking to me about Terri this morning?  
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