The Secret Lives of Niles Stonne

But it's Wafer Thin...

Niles Stonne
27 April
Jack of All Trades, Master of Code.

I'm a software engineer, as well as Theatre Tech, and am generally interested in almost everything.
abandoned buildings, action movies, adventure games, afro celts, american mcgee's alice, amélie, anime, arnold rimmer, arthurian legend, assembly language, barnes and nobles, beetlejuice, books, c++, camping, candles, card games, celtic folklore, celtic music, celtic stuff, climbing trees, comedy, computer games, computers, constructing things, costumes, cowboy bebop, creativity, cuddling, dance music, dave lister, dice, digital explosion, disney, disneyland, douglas adams, dragons, dungeons and dragons, edgar allen poe, egyptian stuff, electronic classical, electronics, enjoying nature, euchre, exploration, fantasy, fantasy clothing, fog & street lights, foreign films, friends, friends., games, gaming, gencon, ghosts, halloween, haunted history, having projects, holly, homestar runner, house on haunted hill, imagination, instrumental music, internet, jackie chan movies, japan, kristine kochanski, kryten, kung fu movies, labryinth, lighting design, literature, live performance, logic, logic problems, long walks, mars, mega tokyo, milwaukee, monty python, morse code, movies, mst3k, museums, mystery science theater 3000, nature, nethack, not acting my age, os x, people from milwaukee, photoshop, physics, pinball, pinball machines, princess bride, programming, puzzle-solving, reading, red dwarf, renaissance, renaissance clothing, rigging, robot puppets, robotics, robots, roguelike games, role playing games, role-playing, role-playing conventions, rpgs, sci-fi, sci-fi marathons, science fiction, set construction, seti, settlers of catan, shadowrun, slashdot, snow, snuggling, sound effects, sound mixing, space, special effects, stage management, stage managing, stagecraft, stagehand, starbug 1, sushi, swords, techno, technology, terry gilliam, the cat, the muppets, the onion, theater, they might be giants, thinkgeek.com, toys, true dungeon, vanessa-mae, video, visual effects, walking, web comics, welding, wolves, x-files